About Us

Hi! I'm Kim, but you can call me Fifi. I'm the owner and solo crafter at Fifi's Hidden Treasures. I bring glitz and glitter to your life with customized tumblers, shirts, signs, keychains, and much more!

I love having a fulfilling career as a crafter. It has granted me freedom and flexibility in the current times, while still helping to support my family. My biggest fan is my son, Carson, and he inspires me to keep going every day. Thank you for supporting a business rooted and raised in Calvert County. With help from patrons like you, my son will be able to enjoy growing up a Calvert resident, too. Don't forget to follow me for all the updates, specials, and new product releases on facebook, instagram, and TikTok. You can search Fifis Hidden Treasures and find me on all 3!